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Let’s unlock the secrets to monetising your content today!

does this sound familiar to you?


You’re Not Monetising consistently

One minute things are great and all seems like they’re on track and then next minute – nothing! Then you’re stressed and trying to figure out what to do. 


You’re Not Sure what to do

You feel stagnant and discouraged because you’re not sure what to do and need clarity on how to move forward with real actionable steps that bring progress.


Not Able to monetise at all

You feel frustrated because you are putting in a lot of time and money in creating content but you’re not able to monetise your content. 

What if I told you there was a different way?

That you need the right tools that work in Africa! The internet has so much information but you need to know what works here. A guided understanding with real world know-how. You need to know the information on how to really make money consistently as a digital content creator in Africa!

The solution

Introducing... The A1 Creator Monetisation Secrets Programme!

The Creator Monetisation Secrets Programme is where we pull back the curtain on what works! You will get clarity on what to do, how to monetise in a way that is sustainable and provides you with revenue consistently and how to confidently articulate that when talking to companies and negotiating with them. From being part of this programme, you will learn in 8 weeks what takes people years to figure out! If you’ve been struggling and want to finally solve it, sign up today.

with your enrollment

You also receive...

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The programme has pre-recorded videos to provide the information on monetisation in a format that is entertaining and allows for you to stop, rewind and make sure that you get the fullest from all the knowledge given,


Weekly Live q&a

Every week of the programme we have live Q&As that break down any questions you may have from the pre-recorded sessions or more. It’s is one of the many platforms to get support & guidance on how to implement what is learnt. 

Online session


Download our app or access the lounge online. The A1 Creator lounge where is creators get support from The A1 team as well as where creators come together to network, learn from one another and also where notifications and exclusive opportunities are shared.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

We have guest speakers with individuals in the industry from agencies to brands to others content creators and on screen talent to break down the reality of what making money as a content creator entails. 

Co-working session


Struggling to focus and get work done? We know the feeling so we have virtual co-working sessions where we virtually log on to work, share what our goal is for work and at the end of the time, share the progress we were able to make. Accountability is key.

The A1 with Moyin Podcast | Creator Monetisation Secrets |


Get access to The A1 with Moyin podcasts live virtually! You can ask questions to the local & international guests Moyin will be interviewing. Past guests include Kudzi Chikumbu (Director of Creator Community at Tik Tok in LA) Estare (UK Content Creator) and more. 

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Monetisation isn’t just earning money, It is gaining the freedom to create the life you really want and leaving a positive impact on others.

The Creator Monetisation Secrets Programme

Is NOT for you if:

IS for you:

learn in 8 weeks what takes people years to figure out! Enroll now! doors close 3rd June 2022

Meet yOur Instructor

Meet Moyin.

Moyin Oloruntoba is an award winning content creator with a decade of experience in Africa’s creator economy. As a creator who used her content to become a TV presenter & entrepreneur, Moyin is most know for her YouTube channel “The A1” which she turned into her company, The A1 Productions. Moyin is a disrupter and with her strong business mindset, she became the only African content creator to license her content to a National Airline and the first to launch a creator tour. She has partnered with brands like TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, Showmax and more. She is bringing the wealth of knowledge to this programme and is holding nothing back!


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Hear directly from Creators

Module One

Foundation: THE LIE!

We start with the BIGGEST LIE or misconception that we believe has been stolen so much from so many content creators in the past and in the present day.

What’s Included:

  • The Lie – revealing the lies and replacing them with the truth of the journey of a content creator.
  • The big dream – we work on getting clarity of vision & the importance of it in regards to your creator journey.
  • Limiting Beliefs, Mindset blocks & Affirmations.

Module Two

Are you building on The Rock or on The Sand?

Here we get clarity on your value offering but also reveal one of the major factors that hinders most creators from making money consistently.

What’s Included:

  • Building on The Rock is vs Building on the sand. Are you building in a way that can withhold the storms of life?
  • Determining and/or clarifying your value offering and unfair advantage.
  • Common misunderstandings when it comes to have a “niche”
  • Community vs Audience

Module Three

The presentation of your value offering

Many ask about pitching documents, media kits & what information and content should be included. We breakdown where the starting point should be and how one document can serve two purposes.

What’s Included:

  • Your media kit isn’t restricted to two pages!
  • The presentation – a marketing & branding tool
  • The presentation as a lead magnet

Module Four

The Three monetisation types that every creator needs!

Here we breakdown the 3 monetisation types every creator needs and the correct order to implement them.

What’s Included:

  • Working with brands & establishing your rates!
  • Factors that affect your rates.
  • Negotiating, Trade Exchange vs Free Packages,

Module Five

Moving strategically with monetisation

In this module, we breakdown the number one monetisation type that is a must have as well as 

What’s Included:

  • Direct to consumer: active vs passive, scalable
  • PR monetisation
  • How to build your monetisation cake

Module Six

Get your brand & press out there!

To make more, you need to get your brand out there in the right way. Having a social media following doesn’t mean you’re seen by individuals that you can make high earning partnerships with.

What’s Included:

  • Getting press to a profit generating point
  • The content outside of social media
  • The whole package!



The programme takes place over 8 weeks. Each week you will get a new module released and there is a live Q&A session to guide you. The other two weeks which are for implementation and in those two weeks, you get access at any time during business hours to get assistance from The A1 team. 

Yes, this programme is for digital content creators and the modules and live sessions are created to serve the needs of African creators. 

We recommend allocating 3-5 hours per module for the programme

  • 2 hours to receive and process the module content. 1 hours to watch and 1 hour for the live Q&A
  • 1-3 hours to do the work assigned to the module each week

We provide tasks to do because we want to get you results and we’re on stand by in the Creator Lounge to answer questions you may have.

We have our amazing community platform (you can download the app or access it online) where you can get support not just from The A1 team but also from other creators and their experience as creators and members of the programme.

We have the live sessions after business hours to make it available for as many people as possible. They generally take place around 6:30pm during the week and if you miss a session, you can watch the replay which will be on the creator lounge!

Yes we do. We want to provide information that you find value in so if you watch the modules, attend the live session and do the tasks and in 3 weeks see no value, contact us in the creator lounge or at and we’ll happily refund your full payment within 21 days of the start of the course. Please note, we will check that you put in the work to get the refund. 

No. We have enrolment windows meaning that enrolment is only open for a certain time and then closed till the next time it is opened again.