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Warren buffett

The best investment you can make is in yourself!

Tricia Mpisi

@Triciampisi | 260K followers

Moyin made it a lot easier to feel comfortable talking about money cause in this content creator space because it’s so new, you don’t really know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate and it can feel very lonely but what this programme gives is a sense of community and you can also talk to your peers and know what their struggles are and you can talk about your struggles and you just really share and bond.”

Doctor Siya

@Doctor.Siya | 2.5 Million followers

“Days of settling for peanuts is done! This programme (the Creator Monetisation Secrets Programme) is like a mini union for creators”

@Triciampisi | 260K followers

Nombuso Masondo

@Nombuso_98 | 1.5 Million Followers 

“I really enjoyed the one on one sessions because it focused on my personal profile. The program helped me better understand my community and my value offering. The media kit exercise helped me to think critically about who am I and the direction I would like to take in the future. I am extremely grateful for being a part of the A1 training!”

Thozi Music

@Thozimusic | 440K followers

“It never felt like I was getting coaching, it always felt like a conversation between two people. I have now built a relationship with a brand and I would not have looked at it that way if I had not worked with The A1 and that to me is an absolute win!

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